Micro Fiction – a collection of my own very short stories

Micro fiction, Flash fiction, Sudden Fiction, Micro Story, Postcard Fiction, Nano Fiction, Very Short Stories… These are different names with minimal distinctions given to the wonderful art of writing tiny little stories using as few words as possible. I recently started trying my hand at this art and as a repressed creative person, found it an immensely gratifying. Sharing my own little stories with you. Will keep updating this blog entry and adding more stories as I come up with the ideas. Enjoy 🙂 


5 thoughts on “Micro Fiction – a collection of my own very short stories

  1. Hey these writings look amazing! You got really interesting and fascinating style, loved it.
    There is an international short story contest ongoing at Tallenge-http://tlng.me/1rh9CkF
    The contest winner is chosen by viewers’ vote and gets $100 prize money. There is no entry fee. So just sign up, upload and get started 🙂
    Also you can read other stories, comment and vote for stories you like.

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  2. I love these stories so much! I like to write micro fiction myself, but I always find myself with something too long to fit into the category. Do you have any tips on how to shorten the stories while still telling them effectively?


    • Thanks so much! I’ve not been following any particular method or something. Just that sometimes we tend to explain things too much. May be it’s the character or the location or the emotion. So, if I find anything that can be removed and the story would still makes sense, I remove it. Word to word, I check ‘is this necessary?’ and I keep trimming. There comes a point where if I trim further, it would ruin the beauty of the story and I stop there. Generally, I don’t force myself to trim too much or worry about the word count. Ultimately it’s all about self-expression and I want the freedom to tell stories the way I want. All the best to you! Do let me know when you have a collection, I’d love to read it.


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