‘Sivappu Kal Mookuthi / Girl with a Red Nose Ring’ – Comic Book Reviews and Testimonials


Tamil Digital Graphic Novel ‘Sivappu Kal Mookuthi‘ and it’s English version ‘Girl with A Red Nose Ring‘ are both available at MB Comics Studio website in three ebook formats.

1. PDF –  This can be viewed/read on multiple platforms such as Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets. Note that there are few DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS in the comic book, so please make sure that you have kept the ‘Double Page View’ option and the ‘COVER’ option checked in the respective pdf reader.

2. Digital Flipbook –  Some readers may not prefer reading ebooks on smaller screens. So we are also giving a beautiful Digital Flipbook with realistic page-flipping effects, made specially for larger screens. So, this format is only for people who would read on Desktops and Laptops. It does not open in Smartphones or Tablets. Available as separate Windows and Mac versions.

3. Kindle – Download this version directly to your Kindle devices and Kindle Fire Tablets and enjoy reading it. Don’t have a Kindle tablet? No worries! There are many FREE Kindle apps for smartphones, tablets and computers, such as Kindle for Android phones & Tablets, Kindle for iPhone, Kindle for iPad and Kindle for PC. Get them at app store or google play depending on the device you have.

Tamil Comics - Indian Comic Book

Reviews and Testimonials

Vino Supraja

Fashion Designer – Novi, Michigan

Vino Supraja about Tamil Comics

Just finished reading Sivappu Kal Mookuthi, a graphic novel by Nandhini JS. A big round of applause to the creative team for fully utilizing the advantages of digital medium to create this visual treat. Underwater shots!!! silhouettes!!! shift focus!!! heroine introduction!!!! wow!!! Many shots and page layouts are frame worthy as a piece of art. Congrats team ‪#‎SKM‬. Guys, grab your copy at www.mbcomicstudio.com.

Manoj Sreekumar

Guitarist & Vocalist for Duality, Comics Fan, Collector of Comic Books & Merchandize

Manoj Sreekumar

This is one helluva read! What starts out as a love story quickly turns into a tale of horror, superstition & the supernatural. A genre-bending real page turner, that leaves the reader with several questions in mind viz. ‘who, why, what’ is going on. The twist in the finale is sure to take readers far-out! One of those books where the writing is superior to the artwork, which is entirely digitally done here. Film maker & writer Nandhini JS makes a great debut in the world of comics with ‘Girl with a Red Nose Ring’. Buy & read now! 

Anandh Ramesh

Managing Director & CEO, VoxelWorks Private Limited

Anandh Ramesh 2

Sivappu Kal Mookuthi has been on my wish list since the day it was announced, and I literally jumped on the chance to read it. It was very evident from the start that this was a graphic novel from a filmmaker! I could see the screenwriter in the author taking us through a film as I read it. It had a good mix of suspense, thrill, mystery, supernatural elements, and the twist in the end was definitely unexpected. The artists have done a great job with the illustrations, and had a bunch of very interesting compositions. 

The book did have a few downsides for me in terms of character development, but those pitfalls did lead to some good misleaders. So, no complaints! Hope such bold attempts get noticed and help increase the number of such attempts in the future! Kudos to the team!

Bala Murugan

CEO – Cogzidel Consultancy Services P Ltd

Bala Murugan about Tamil Comics

Proud to be one among the early readers of this “first-time-ever” Tamil Comic Novel ‘Sivappu Kal Mookuthi’. It’s brilliantly done. Interesting to read till the end. To be honest, it was super-scary to read it alone in the night. Stunning !! Could understand the hard work behind the production. Hat’s off, Author Nandhini !! Great efforts and well appreciated.

Muruganandhan. J

Dentist, Maxillofacial Pathologist at Smart Dental Clinic

Muruganandhan J - Tamil Comics

I read both the Tamil and English versions. The first thing that struck me about Nandhini’s ‘Sivappukkal mookuthi / Girl with a Red Nose Ring’ was its quality of work. The illustrations were simply mind blowing. The hues and color values of the scenery and the characters, the minute facial expressions which was hitherto observed only in Hollywood animated movies have been brought out with great dedication. The script is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated but the way it has been etched in the imagery is what deserves a pat on the back. The fact that this is in our Tamil language is a great bonus since our people can be made aware of such creativity and pioneering work, and they would definitely support it. Tamizh has been the cradle of culture, civilization and art forms since time immemorial and this is one of the technological leaps with which our great language can soar in the Internet age. I look forward to the next novel and would like to be even more impressed.

Vishnu Bharadhwaj

Filmmaker, Photographer.

Vishnu Bharadhwaj - Tamil Comics

Sivappu Kal Mookuthi! It has got everything to keep you glued and curious about what’s going to happen next. To me it was a beautiful journey that left me filled with a breezy love story full of unexpected twists and turns. It haunts with it’s mind-blowing illustrations! Maya was absolutely lovable. Congrats to Nandhini JS Mam and her whole team for bringing in Digital comic culture to our Tamizh readers. Sivappu Kal Mookuthi – If you are looking for a fantasy love thriller, then place your orders right away!

Naveen Nathan

Graphic Designer, Owner of Kani Artworks.

Naveen Nathan

So Glad to review this first contemporary Digital Graphic Novel in Tamil. I was following Sivappu Kal Mookuthi from its starting stage in facebook. I was so excited for its release, and now it created a bench mark. As I am also a budding Graphic Artist, was wondering to see digital art experts in Tamilnadu, Magesh and Sainath fulfilled that quest. All Graphics are so attractive and well communicating the scene. Face expressions are handled well, Hats off to them.

Now about the story, no doubt Frame by frame interesting story line. But expected more at the end, after the interesting twist, the story started to move fast and it ends in no time. was expecting more interesting scenes after the twist. But don’t know whether that’s possible to add more pages. Expecting more comics from the team in future and also requesting to release some Hardcopy as well for people like me who like the feel of keeping in hand touching the paper and reading 🙂

Great work Nandhini Madam, wish you all success and also like to wish Manikandan who wrote lyrics for Trailer song. All the best to team! I will Recommend this book for any comic lovers and Thriller Story lovers.

Sathiya Priya

Works at Sulekha.com and Consin Info Pvt.Ltd.

Sathiya priyaI read the Tamil Comic Book – Sivappu Kal Mookuthi. It is really a Visual treat .. Excellent pictorial representation of the characters.it was simply like watching a movie ..first the it started like a usual tamil story but the twist was good which made me to complete story with a thrilling effect…felt like we had more of it…i am ready for its sequel.

Ashok Kumar Balakrishnan

Actor (Performing Arts & Cinema). Initiator of FREAK-A-THON.

Ashok Kumar Balakrishnan

In the midst of entertainment…Be it films, shopping, amusement park outings with family n friends,…herez a unique effort from a friend and a talented film maker…A visual story teller – Nandhini JS titled Sivappu Kal Mookutthi (in Tamil) and Girl with a Red Nose Ring (English)…

A comic book presentation where the story comes live in front of U. Great effort in the making…and definitely does deserve to be in ur hands… Do grab your copy to explore.

Anusha Jayaprakash

Freelance Photographer, Works at Alpha Mind Power

Anusha Jayaprakash

About ‘Girl with red stone ring’ Romantic Horror Comic Book: Good story-line, very good illustrations. Interesting twists that make the reader think “Ok, that was unexpected, what’s next?”. Turning point of the story is when the reader assumes its a horror mystery and it turns into a ……………….. ( find out for yourself !!!! ). Kudos to the author and the creative team on the attempt. Keep them coming. Cheers to the author, Nandhini JS on her great work !!

Sandhya Anantharaman

Co-founder at Bluefeather BITES, Genetic Researcher at King’s College London

and PR & Marketing Manager at Bluefeather Studios

Sandhya Anantharaman

Now that’s me done with Nandhini JS‘s ‘Girl with a red Nose Ring’.. First of its kind digital horror comic!! It was great for a start…loved the illustrations and the way the story was portrayed.!!! It was very engrossing and a little haunting too…!!! Well done team great work indeed. I would have been a lot more happier if the story lasted a little more longer, filled with more twists and turns.

Srikrishna Dayal

Managing Director at Forza Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Srikrishna Dayal

Top class quality. Thoroughly enjoyed reading with stunning pictures and colours. Congrats Nandhini for a trendsetting Tamil e-comic. It has all the elements to become a blockbuster Tamil movie.

Other Reviews from Goodreads and Amazon.

Thamarai :

I am so excited to see this ‘first of it’s kind’ Tamil digital novel. Interesting story line. Good characters. Beautiful graphics. I had a slight ‘marmadesam’ feeling at the beginning of the novel. You know that exciting, comfortable, expectations-filled feeling that you get when you settle in for a mystery/thriller book or movie? That’s what I meant by my ‘marmadesam’ feeling. I am so glad this novel provoked that feeling in me.

I am not going to provide a summary here as it might ruin the fun of future readers but here some key words – A beautiful couple, a secluded mansion in the woods and some mysterious people and happenings. Oh and there is also a twist in the story which will catch you by surprise! Now for the complaint – I wanted more! I would have loved it if there were few more pages. It would have allowed for more character buildup and suspense. I love how Nandhini dedicated a few pages in the beginning introducing the characters to us. But more of this character and events narrations through out the books would have been better. I want more books from this team! And I would be the happiest girl in the world if you did a series in the same genre(thriller/horror/mystery).

Overall, I enjoyed it and left with a feeling of wanting more. Also thumbs up for trying to enhance Tamil literature with new endeavors such as this. You have a fan here.

Senthil :

Long wait is over. Was expecting to read this book in Tamil for very long. Got the book as soon as it got released. Initially eyeballed few pages and immediately I knew that its gonna be an amazing graphic novel. Dedicated few hours to complete. After completing the story. It did not disappoint. No time wasted unneccessairly to set up the story. Getting to know each character was easy. The graphics were amazing. Good flow to story throughtout, easy to follow. I personally enjoyed first half more however all build ups in the middle and an unexpected twist at the end was great. Creators left me wanting more. Overall good work and nice story. A must read for all comics fans, especially Tamil readers.If I’m not wrong Sivappu Kal Mukuthi is the only contemporary graphic novel in Tamil.
Pravin Das :

First of all, i am surprised to come across this kind of an original creation in tamil. The story starts slowly and picks up pace as it goes on, with twists and turns and the final twist was really a surprising
one. The art works are very good. On the whole it was an amazing experience. Hope to see more original comic creations in the future in Tamil.

Ganapathy :

I read the English version – Girl with a Red Nose Ring. It was nice. I didn’t except this to be good. I am surprised.It is a good reading with your wife.With those pictures, it is like a film. It moved me as well.Amazon should bring more novels like this.

Renuka G :

An awesome idea, and was very excited to read it. Loved the illustrations and the story line. Look forward to more 🙂 And I think its really cool that its available in both Tamil and English. Can we expect a sequel? 😉

Ajay Chandran :

A brilliantly drawn, brilliantly written comic. A very new and different theme. It kept me turning the pages till the very last!!

Kathiravan Manickam :

Wow…I love this Novel, amazing Graphic works, plenty of smarts n sass pure awesome! Enough said.

Mystah Jay :

Wow just awesome… I never read horror comics. this is my first horror graphic comic. the story , sketching, coloring, the expressions were toooooo good…. keep coming… bring a sequel, .. and for those who are yet to read be surprised for the amazing twist in the end… I bet you wont see that coming…

Download ‘Sivappu Kal Mookuthi / Girl with a Red Nose Ring’ at MB Comics Studio website – www.mbcomicstudio.com


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